Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Money Series - Conversations with AP

 I resumed my money conversations with AP who I feel has a wonderful relationship with money and who has shared some wonderful insights into this mysterious energy that seems to drive the whole world. In the past he shared some gems like how 'money is the power to kill an ant', and 'how not to let money control you', and how 'when it comes to you its yours'.

Through my conversations with me and some other work I do, I figured we are limited in our ability to deal with money (or love) through these - our ability to receive, our ability to hold and our ability to freely use without fear of losing it. Water is a great metaphor as is air and we must keep those in mind while trying to understand this energy.

To me, much of my limitation in the past with money came from my judgments about it. Now, I refuse to have any judgments about it and receive it as freely as I do air (without judging where it has come from). 

Yesterday's insights

1) Judgment should not be about money - it can be of a capability that translates into money. Money lies in abundance at the higher end of skill (which includes our capability to make money out of our skill.

2) The outcome of money cannot be the reason to be in business. Money is the wrong premise to start on. (AP spoke of a paragraph in Atlas Shrugged which he said influenced him much  - a quote which says 'money is nothing but the value of goods and service exchanged'. I am now motivated to begin my reading of this tome which has been with me for a while.)

3)  Whatever skill we have, whatever product or service we have, we must tweak it such that we sell it to the people who pay you the highest price (or to the maximum number of people). Go to the place where the skill is valued. Which end of the spectrum gives you most.

4) Be conscious of the value. Somehow its hard to ascertain value - then wait and see what feels good for you. (My mantra is whatever I feel good, whatever takes me through the roof and feels completely high).

5) Value is a function of time. Timing is critical. When the time passes, you don't get the value. AP related an incident when his company which provided a service for about 1 crore, realised they could bargain for more before delivery and asked for three times the price by adding in some after sales and other conditions and the customer gladly paid. If they had delivered and then asked he would not have got it. Similarly we are willing to pay a price when in urgency or when the value is far higher than the price, so strike at the right moment to get the highest value.

When things get critical, put the bill out.

6) Money equals credibility said AP. Credibility is like a dam, it builds a reserve. You must be careful to plug the leaks.

7) Can always build my money back even in Timbuctoo and come back into the king's courtyard

8) Have always trusted people, never looked to cheat them

9) Have always had a healthy equation with money. Never felt burdened or short.    

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