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My Cricketing Insights - Prashant Manjrekar (Preparation Process)

I know Prashant from my IDBI Hyderabad days. Much after all cricketing pretensions had faded away, I was continuing to play for Marredpally Cricket Club. Cricketers from IDBI Mumbai would come here on transfer and I'd be happy to have them play for MCC -  Bapat was one and Prashant another. Prashant had three very fruitful seasons for us, scoring many runs and hundreds and helping us win several games. Watching him bat was a revelation to our Hyderabadi batsmen - the way he built his innings, did not make too many errors, backed his strengths and slowly ground out his big scores. His off side play was such a treat to watch. It helped that Prashant was also a gentle, unassuming and ever-smiling teammate who always added to the pot. We had some great times and won some memorable matches.

Prahant is another Dadar Union player, just as Parag, Jaideep and Salil are, and a Mumbai University player, which to me would be equivalent to playing first class in most states in India. I feel he lost out because he started playing really late - maybe after his schooling days. But he really enjoys his cricket and scored heavily for the University, club and the Bank. He received the best batsman award in the Times Shield and the Bank Shield which gives you an insight into his proficiency.
Prashant in action in the Times Shield - as a wicketkeeper here
After his playing days, he continued his deep interest in the game by doing several coaching courses. He is currently ICCA Level 2 Coach from the ICC Academy, Dubai, a specialist batting consultant. Among other coaching assignments, Prashant also completed a 3-week coaching assignment of the MS Dhoni Cricket Academy in Dubai. He has moved to Canada and is coaching at the Actionzone Cricket Academy in Toronto. Apart from his cricketing achievements, Prashant is a commerce graduate with an MBA and is a Certified Human Resource Leader.

Here are Prashant's insights into the game.
Peak Performance Profile

Let’s talk about "peak performance profile" which will help you improve and produce consistent performance game after game.

Imagine young cricketers who are putting in hours together in practice sessions on improving cricketing technique and physical fitness and often they fail in converting these efforts into match-winning results.

Peak Performance Profile is all about how you prepare yourself in advance for the game. In advance mean planning and strategising. I would like to divide match preparation into 3 facets, what you do a week before the game, a day before the game and just before the match. 

One week to go
If you are a batsman stick to the basics during batting session, try to minimise errors and also practice in match scenarios with imaginary filed positions.
Bowlers can try to bowl as many deliveries on the stumps as possible and let the batsman face maximum balls. Bowl with more control, sticking to your imaginary fielding positions. Bowl with a target in mind such as bowling a particular line and length be it a left-hander or a right-hander. Try dragging the batsman on the front foot, contain runs etc.
It is important to stay safe and injury-free and physically fit, do proper warm-ups before the practice session and cool down after the session and ensure that all your cricket equipment are ready and in appropriate condition.

One day to go
Keep yourself calm and relax, think about match venue, opponents and create your innings plan in your mind. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Better to avoid eating any junk food and get to bed early so that you get a good amount of rest.

Its show time

Visualise your past best performances which will help you to remain positive and confident. Even if you are not in the middle and waiting for your turn still concentrate, analyse game situation, stay focused and watch the game. Be aware of pitch conditions, swing and bounce. If you have any questions or plans, discuss it out with the coach.

Since every game is different and if you have your own peak performance profile, it will help you to plan and execute every game better. Give it a try and see if it works for you.   
Some press!

That's very well put Prashant. It's interesting to know how one must prepare to achieve peak performance at all levels. It is only when due thought is given and the preparation done, do we make less errors and deliver to our potential. Having seen you bat, I can fully endorse that you prepared and delivered exactly as you have mentioned in your insights. Thank you so much for sharing your insights on peak performance. 

For those youngsters who wish to contact Prashant, here are his contact details.
Mobile: +1 647-994-1927
Add Res :100 Spruce wood Court, Toronto, Canada

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