Sunday, May 31, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 66, May 31, 2020

May 31, 2020

I think I will now stop this lockdown series on a daily basis and only write once in a few days. I haven't blogged on a daily basis like this, almost like a journal, before. So that's a first. But it's been an interesting journey - from the first few days of not knowing what this lockdown means, not able to grapple with the idea of the pandemic, not knowing what precautions to take, not knowing if there 
would be enough resources to get by, it's been a big learning experience.
Pic Satish Nargundkar
I started off listening to music every day, watching movies unabated, may be unable to cope with this situation. I also remember watching movies like 'Contagion' and '93 Days' which got into my head and then I stopped watching such movies or even reading the news etc. That move paid handsomely because my life became free of free advice, scary news, fake news etc and I just concentrated only life. My original idea of listening to music every day, playing games etc with Anjali and Shobhs etc faded away after a few days because we all fell into some routine.

For starters, I began this practice of writing this blog which began taking up an hour every day. Then I continued the practice a lighting a diya for the migrant workers, the people on the front line, though these 63 days, and also leaving some eatables like toffee, candy and mangoes to our GHMC workers who are enjoying those surprises. My writing has become more organized, I have become better at washing dishes, at grocery shopping and sanitising. Music has reduced but my choice of movies has become much better and I am glad I saw so many Indian classics in this period and plan to continue to do so.

Writing being more organised I have been able to complete a couple of projects to some level, half down through the third. I am working at them one by one. One column fell off 'The HANS one and I am writing the Express one which is nice. I used to call up people a lot in the early days and have now stopped and call only selectively - I noticed that it takes up a long time. For a month I attended meditation sessions by Shobha and then joined two other courses that she began so it's been two months of learning as well. One coaching assignment that is going well is also good news.

I began this practice of guest blogging where I have asked my friends to share their cricketing insights, interviewed Vijay Lokapaly, began a series called 'Lessons I learned from others' thanks to Abhinay, read a few books which were on the list. I have outsourced several pictures from Satish for the blog and he has kindly supplied me with many. Another thing I have done is put up stuff sent by others on WhatsApp, stuff which they shared about the food they made, or some nice share and have started sharing some heartwarming stories I found in my friends, community or even on the net.

It's interesting to see how well we have all organised our lives that we don't seem to have too much free time - Shobhs has taken up several courses and her schedule is quite hectic, Anjali herself has occupied herself with classes, meetings, calls and games. Overall, its been quite a period of learning and we have navigated this well so far.

Anjali's school begins tomorrow - online classes that begin at 8 am and go on to 3 pm - which is quite a stretch. it will herald a new change in our routines. I have not ventured beyond my trips to the grocer at SR Nagar and do not intend to do so unless there is a crying need.

I'll share the day's heartwarming stories from the Times site which is updating wonderful stories every day. I want to interview two people who I know have been doing great work feeding migrnat workers which I will post as separate posts. One last day of lighting the diya at the gate today - I'll keep the candies etc going though - and we will get into a new normal form tomorrow onwards.

Heartwarming Stories
Panchayat President opens Re 1 idli shop in Tamil Nadu

School Principal Turns Saviour in Bihar
Kumari Kiran Singh, a Principal of a school in Saran district in Bihar turns saviour for 100 households a day

82 Year Old Beats Corona
Old news but good one - 82-year-old Sumitra Saha beats COVID

Hindus Arrange roza iftar for Muslims
In Hanumagarh district Hindus provide roza iftar

Abhijeet Siddhartha's Helpline for the Poor
20 year old undergraduate Abhijeet Siddhartha helped strays and the poor in Patna

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