Saturday, May 30, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 65, May 30, 2020

May 30, 2020

It's not a lockdown anymore. I went to Ratnadeep and found that they have stopped dispensing sanitiser anymore. All is back to normal.

Nice Share by Charles D Silva - Paradoxes of Life

To be rich       - Give.
To succeed,    - Serve.
To laugh,        - Make someone laugh.
To prosper,      - Be honest.
To excel,          - Be faithful.
To go far,         - Get up early.
To change someone,  - Change yourself.
To be great,       - Be disciplined,
To be strong,     - Pray often.
To do a lot,         - Speak little.
To live well,         - Forgive.
To talk well,         - Bind anger.
To sleep well,      - Work hard.
To be loved,        - Love.
To be a good husband, - Listen to her.
To be respected, - Be polite.

Masterclass on Growing Mango Saplings by Pallavi
I never knew this. These are from the mangoes from our tree. Pallavi took some, gave some, and this is what she did with the seeds.

"One side of the mango seed is kind of like a ridge, you’ll be able to feel it beneath the fibre. Trim the fibre, pry apart the shell with a butter knife and pull out the seed. Store the seeds in a closed container with just a little bit of moisture. You can wrap them in a damp kitchen towel and sprinkle it with water once every 3-4 days. This set sprouted in about a week. I’ll leave them in the container for another 2-3 days and then transfer them into a jar of water."

Looks like we can grow more trees.

Foof Pic
Manjari and her biryani is the food pic of the day.

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