Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dog Day Afternoon - Patrick Mann

I watched the Sidney Lumet movie in which Al Pacino plays Little Joe way before I read this book. Little Joe is an interesting criminal type who is looking to make some quick money - he has a home with a wife who is now become fat and he is also in love with a tranvestite, Lana who needs money for a surgery.

Little Joe decides to rob a bank and hires a friend of his, Sam who has been in jail for a long time and who is not a happy man for it. They stake out a bank, hire a driver Eddie, and walk into the small branch. Everything goes wrong from the beginning. Joe gets his fifteen minutes of fame, seeks out his ransom, gets a plane and well becomes a bit like Bonnie and Clyde. We start liking the spunky little fellow too by the end.

Racy. Checked Wikipedia and it says the movie is based on a book titled 'Boys in the Bank'. Wonder what's the confusion about.

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