Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lessons Others Taught Me 6 - Rajan Bala (Good Writing Is Organised Writing)

When my first novel got published in 2007, I was thrilled to find that Rajan Bala, the well known sports journalist, gave me a good review. I asked him to be the Chief Guest at my Bangalore book launch and he agreed. We became good friends in the next two years after which he was taken ill and passed away.
Rajan Bala speaking as only he can - Charu, me and Anita listening intently

But my conversations with him were wonderful. I remembered he asked me a question about writing - what do you need to be a good writer - he asked. I had no idea so gave the stupidest answer I could - creativity sir. (I had no idea what creativity meant.) He scoffed at my answer and then revealed the secret to me.

'Good writing is about being organised in your thought. The more organised your thought process is, the better your writing - fiction or non-fiction.'

Knocked all silly ideas out of my head. I stopped trying to be funny, creative, whatever..and ever since.. just told things as I felt they best should be.

Thanks Rajan Bala sir.

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