Saturday, May 23, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 58, May 23, 2020

May 23, 2020

The temperature is really shooting up. If yesterday it was 42 degrees C today they say it was s 45.5 according to a WhatsApp forward. The heat was so high that I sat with an ice bag this evening to cool myself off.

Went to Polimera today to do some shopping. Despite the sanitiser and the plastic gloves, the concept of social distancing is long gone. in fact it was worse than it was before with people falling all over another. I can't imagine how it can get worse than before.

The Erragadda fruit market si bustling. I bought some Banganapalle mangoes. They looked nice.

Sanjay paid me a visit today, the first visitor we have had ever since the lockdown has been announced. That too because Sanjay said he was in the neighbourhood and could he drop in. I know people are moving about, meeting and socialising, but am not sure if it is time to do that yet.

From Sathya Saran -Nice Gesture from Aruna Bahuguna to Share Shoes with Migrant Workers

Sathya sent me this forward today.

From Aruna Bahuguna
Friends, I am collecting footwear - old or used, sandals, slippers, shoes, but in "walking" condition, to distribute to the migrant workers. 
I go with the help of police to the railway station and distribute. 
Anyone who would like to donate, please send to 103 Prashasan Nagar. 
I leave around  2 pm. 

My address 
103, Prashasan Nagar Road no 18 
Jubilee Hills Hyderabad 500033 

Google landmarks opposite Prashasan Nagar Water Tank or Le Gorjuss cosmetic clinic.

Thank you.

Those in the neighbourhood, please go ahead and share your footwear.

Nothing to report but the heat. Of course, couple of calls informed me that the numbers are rising like crazy.

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