Monday, May 4, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 41 of 54 (or more), May 4, 2020

Day 41
Pic Satish Nargundkar

Watched the movie 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood' last night. Very nice indeed. Column day so wrote a bit. Then headed out to loot Polimera and Ratnadeep - actually not really - just a short list. For the first time since the lockdown I did not have to wait a minute and walked in like a raja in both places.

Car battery is giving problems and I trusted the good god and a helpful soul to push if it doesn't start. At home, it started, on the last and final try and thereafter I kept parking it on sloping grounds. It didn't start at Ratnadeep too and thanks to the slope it started. I scurried back home and though it didn't start well, it all ended well.

Sravan Feeds 100 Families
Sravan is an ex-student of mine and a wonderful person with some superb qualities. He lives quite close home and we meet once in a while at the park (pre Covid days). Learned today that he had gone ahead and provided food for 100 families. His sentiment is that if someone could pick up the cue, and a good deed spread like the virus, we can handle the crisis better.




Very well done Sravan. You're the hero of the day.

Fear - Khalil Gibran
Shobhs shared this the other day.

GHMC Painted Trees
In a truly thoughtful act, GHMC painted the trees in our colony, something which I have never seen done in the last four decades (if my memory serves me right). Why are they painting the trees? I have no clue. Could this money be used to fed some poor soul?

Food Pics
Pallavi sent this - haleem like but not haleem, something like khichdi.

That kind of rounds up the day. More tomorrow.

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