Tuesday, May 5, 2020

An Interview - By Niveditha Indrajit and Vanathi Amarnath

Niveditha is Anjali's art teacher. She dabbles in many things and does all with great zest and energy - artist, designer, teacher, healer and in this new role of an interviewer. Niveditha is doing a series of interviews during the lockdown days with people who have chosen alternate careers and did one of Shobhs and several other friends. When she asked me if I would do one, I agreed. Vanathi, who enjoys both cricket and writing, asked if she could also join and ask a few questions. Niveditha had no problem. Nor did I.

It was a free-flowing interview with no agenda, no time limit, so I mostly spoke about my journey. Here's the link.


Thanks Niveditha and Vanathi. :)

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