Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 43 of 67 (or more), May 6, 2020

May 6, 2020

It's hot these days.  After watching 'Kanoon' a 1960s BR Chopra classic courtroom drama, I had to wake up early to get books for Anjali from her school, which means this is the first time I have gone past the Maithri Vanam stage in all these days. Fortunately, there were no police barricades and I went through easily but at the Engineer's Colony at Yellareddyguda I found that the colony people had barricaded the colony with some thorny bushes so I had to go around. Anyway, back with the books and Anjali is quite happy to see her new books.
Painting by Sandhya Karthik
The lockdown has now been extended till the 29th of May which is another three weeks away. However, wine shops have opened and kilometre-long queues have sprung up. the general air of panic seems to have reduced as people are moving around more freely. Das sent me a picture today of how, after so many days, the signal at Paradise is working now.

Sandhya Karthik Sent a Few Poems
Sandhya was Anjali's teacher and a very innovative one too who would constantly challenge the children with new ways and methods. i really liked her teaching style which encouraged them to think.

Food Pics
Pavan made biryani, Shameem made Haleem and Sandhya made a date cake.
Chicken biryani - Pavan

Haleem - Shameem

Date cake - Sandhya Karthik

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