Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 57, May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020

I have noticed that the newspapers have started calling migrant workers as guest workers. I am sure they will be very happy to know of this new job title they have got. They will certainly be thrilled to know of the wonderful perks of the job - long walks, long holidays, close communion with nature, complete freedom and zero responsibility. They will be thrilled to hear this.

I went to Ratnadeep Supermarket today. Everything is chilled out. The security guards who had assumed commanding positions earlier and behaved like they owned you have now shrunk back to their original size and shape. They looked very insignificant and not like demigods who could control how long you stayed in the queue. Now they are merely sanitiser dispensing fellas. Inside the store also I found that the attitude of the store boys and girls has changed, a bit. Now they aren't appearing like angels and fairies. they look like shop girls and shop boys. Though they arent fully back to their customer is god state. Even now they still feel like they have an upper hand on you.

I had enough to shop for. After my big checkout of four bags, I started to look like a hoarder, but hey, I was stocking up on chips and biscuits man. Then I found what I have been scouring the market for in the last three months - vanilla essence. I put those two little beauties in the cart and off I went to checkout. Another beauty I found after two months was a huge Dettol bottle. I thought they were out of stock and that I will not see them in my lifetime. Also, RD has new sticks of masks for 149.

After a long checkout I lugged my loot in two tranches and found that the two vanilla essence bottles were not billed for. i went back in and told the girl that. She was rather unhappy with me for coming back because she had to log in and all that and definitely did not look happy - I thought they would reward me or something for my honesty but all I got was a dirty look. anyway, my conscience is clear. One less sin god. I saw Dominos was open and so was Abhiruchi and so was Himalaya Books. Some shops were shut, some were open. Life's back to normal for the host workers.

Back home I got some work done and wondered why people were flocking out on the road. At 8 I lit the diya maybe for one last time. However the candies and toffee for our colony sweepers will continue.

I got one food pic but it was really bad so I am ignoring it.

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