Friday, June 5, 2020

Tell Tale - Jeffrey Archer

Anjali read this book and suggested I read it too. It's a bunch of short stories and I looked forward to reading them. Overall it's a disappointing collection though a couple were nice.

'Who killed the Mayor' had an interesting ending but I found the story improbable. 'A Gentleman and a Scholar' was weak all through. 'All's Fair in Love and War' was a bit complex for me. 'The Car Park Attendant' was an intriguing story - simple enough to pull it off. 'A Wasted Hour' - hmmm, nice, but no bang. 'The Road to Damascus' was another forgettable one that I didn't recollect.

'The Cuckold' was interesting for it's ending but the story had some holes. 'The Holiday of a Lifetime' was the best with its three different endings. 'Double or Quits' was way improbable - you can't pull that ending off. 'The Senior Vice President' was a long drawn set up but with boring characters. A 'Good Toss to Lose', was rather boring and predictable. The new story 'Heads You Win' was nice.

Overall a quick and pleasurable read. My criticism is mainly because I expect high standards from Jeffrey Archer and though there were there, they weren't quite there. Perfect though, for a train or travel reading.

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