Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Canteen Fundas - What You Believe in Becomes Your Reality!

Your beliefs could be creating your reality - examine them to change your reality!


Canteen Fundas: What you believe in becomes your reality

Pro Tip: Your beliefs subconsciously influence your reality. Become aware of them and change them to change your results

Edex Live

'Bhaiyya, is mental preparation important to succeed?’ asked Rahul. ‘Are our thoughts so powerful?’

‘Very,’ said Rakesh. ‘We tend to believe in a few random thoughts as truths. Soon, these thoughts become deep-rooted beliefs. For example, if someone calls us a failure once, we believe it to be true for the rest of our life.’

‘What we believe could be based on our past experiences, right?’ asked Rinku.

‘Only till then, not for life,’ said Rakesh. ‘Everything can be changed, Rinku. These wrong assumptions over time become our core negative and positive beliefs and affect our results.’

‘How, bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul.

‘For example, if we missed a reward by one mark, we label ourselves unlucky,’ said Rakesh. ‘The incident happens once, but we brand ourselves for life. The more we think and talk about it, the stronger our false belief becomes. It grows like a wall between you and your results and thwarts all your conscious efforts. It starts determining your reality.’

‘I have no such beliefs, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul.

‘Rahul,’ said Rakesh. ‘Most of our beliefs are subconscious. Our conscious mind may want success, but our subconscious mind, which constitutes 90 per cent of our brainpower, may believe that we will never succeed. Guess who wins? The subconscious. That’s why they say mental preparation is the most important.’

‘But how to identify our beliefs, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku.

‘Analyse your reality,’ said Rakesh. ‘If your reality is that you’re not finding success despite hard work; it could indicate a belief that ‘hard-working people can’t be successful’. Also, be aware of the words you use, the emotions you feel and the visuals you see about subjects that bother you to identify your beliefs.’

‘Can we change our beliefs, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku.

‘It’s your mind, so you can choose to think about what you want to,’ smiled Rakesh. ‘Become aware of your disempowering beliefs. Then, replace them with your new empowering thoughts.’

‘Is it so simple, bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul.

‘It feels odd initially because you believe in your old truths. Start living out your new belief that you’re successful and worthy. When you starve your old belief and feed your new thoughts, your new beliefs become stronger. And as your conscious efforts and your beliefs are in sync, your reality changes,’ said Rakesh.

‘Thanks, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘I believed I couldn’t make good chai. I’m changing it now. I’m the best chai maker in the world.’

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