Monday, June 15, 2020

Thought for the Day - When There's No Response From the Other Side, Step Back

It happens at times that we find no response from the other side - in a classroom, a lecture, a discussion, a meeting or even a conversation. It could be a friendly chat or a political discussion of massive ramifications. But if one side is not responding enough, responding freely and with energy, maybe its time we stepped back.
Pic Satish Nargundkar

Mostly our reaction at not receiving an adequate response is that we have been rejected. That the other person is not taking us seriously enough or not putting i enough effort etc. And when we judge like that and begin from that space, we become more insecure and aggressive. We push for responses from the class, from the students and get increasingly upset as they tend to withdraw further.

Most times, an inadequate response indicates that perhaps that person is wary of putting out his side of the story because he is not sure about the reaction from the other side. Which means that the person is weighing his words, responses to avoid painful reactions. In such cases, it is for the other person to create that space to let that person express. Be it a student, a friend, a colleague - they will speak once a vacuum is created. Once they know that they will not be pounced on, cut off, ridiculed, attacked for what they are saying.

So when there's not adequate response, it's time to step back. You're crowding the room. In an ideal situation, it has to be equal, fifty, fifty.

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