Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Canteen Fundas - If It's Down to 'Bad Luck', Look At Your Mental Preparation

If it's down to 'bad luck' after all the hard work, you better look at your mental aspect!


On Your Marks, Get Set And Prepare!

‘Rakesh bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘My studies, cricket, everything has stopped for now. I’m worried I may slip backwards after this long break.’
‘Well,’ said Rakesh. ‘Sanjay sir, our athletics coach, was saying something interesting yesterday. Let’s talk to him.’ Rakesh added Sanjay sir to their call and asked him the question.
‘These times are similar to times when a sportsperson is dropped, gets injured or is out of action for some reason,’ said Coach Sanjay. ‘They’re great opportunities.’
 ‘How’s it a great opportunity if they are dropped or injured sir?’ asked a bewildered Rahul.
‘Because they can reflect on how they failed, what’s stopping their progress, and prepare,’ said coach Sanjay.
‘Prepare?’ asked Rinku. ‘For what sir? Nothing’s happening.’
‘Well Rinku,’ said Sanjay. ‘Your results merely reflect your preparation. If your results are not good, and that includes being dropped or injured, you need to look at where you haven’t prepared enough -whether it’s skill, physical or the mental side of your preparation.’
‘But sir, if we’re injured, it’s just bad luck, and if we’re dropped it’s because of external reasons like politics etc,’ asked Rahul. ‘We can prepare on skill and physical fitness, but these factors are beyond us sir.’
‘Ah,’ smiled Sanjay. ‘Let’s say you’re in the army. You have to be prepared for all eventualities at all times right? You cannot give excuses like external factors and lose the battle can you? Here’s a tip. If things aren’t working even after you’ve prepared fully on skill and physical aspects, then your mental preparation is lacking. In fact, when you start talking of ‘bad luck’, it’s time to look at your mental side.’
‘What’s mental preparation sir?’ asked Rinku.
‘A major part, almost 80% some say, of your result, is based on your mental preparation i.e. your way of thinking,’ said Sanjay. ‘Your approach, judgment, beliefs, values –  all of them have a bearing on the result. You may be the world’s greatest talent, work very hard, but if you carry a belief that you can never succeed, you’ll never be successful. A less talented person with a better mental preparation will achieve more.’
‘Wow,’ said Rinku. ‘You mean we stop ourselves.’
‘Yes,’ said Sanjay sir. ‘But it can be addressed if you’re willing. By taking complete responsibility, becoming aware and working at your mental preparation, you can get the right results.’
‘What if no opportunities come after all this preparation sir?’ asked Rahul.
‘Rahul,’ smiled Sanjay sir. ‘The better prepared you are, the more opportunities you attract. So be ready, like a soldier, practicing drills, staying fit and being mentally prepared. When you’re ready, opportunities appears.’
 ‘Like you appeared today,’ said Rinku. ‘Thanks sir. I’m adding herbal tea to my routine to prepare better.’
Pro Tip: Use your off times to prepare at skill, physical and mental aspects. When you’re fully prepared, opportunities show up. If you’re not succeeding despite all your efforts, examine your mental preparation.

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