Monday, June 29, 2020

Katha Sangama - Movie

2019. Seven short films made by seven different directors as an ode to Puttana Kanagal who made a movie of the same name. I, unfortunately, could not find a version on YouTube with subtitles so I decided to view this one.

The first story is rather simple - a father promises his daughter that he will take her to rainbow land. How they end up there despite some twists is the story. Nice and cute. There's one dialogue-less story where a lady gets stuck on a deserted road and encounters a villainous-looking vagrant - and survives. There's one where a lady from a village goes to Bangalore for the first time, steps out to buy sweets for her son for his birthday and loses her way. Very nice. One where a guy keeps revisiting the same day - Groundhog Day. There's one where a man who has listened to others all his life, decides to take control on the last day before retirement. In one story set in British times, a barber makes a judgment call on murdering a police officer, and it saves him.

Stuff like that. Nice. All of them very different from one another and well made. Now to search for the original with subtitles somewhere. 

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