Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Jewel Thief - Movie

1967. Following the success of 'Guide' Dev Anand and  Vijay Anand embark on this heist movie with Bond-like twists and turns, women galore,  heady songs, locations. Highly enjoyable.

A jewel thief is striking at will and the police commissioner had vowed to catch him or resign. A young man, joins a well-known jeweller in town, and he is soon mistaken for another man by several random people. In no time the jeweller is robbed and everyone realises that the jewel thief is the one who looks like the young man. Now the young man has to prove he is not the jewel thief. Dev Anand hams away to glory and romances Vijayanthimala, Tanuja, Anju Mahendru and Helen.


Rajendra said...

Hammingway of our days?

Harimohan said...

Very Ernestly too!