Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Anjali - Gadget Free Hour

It's a common sight to see all of us stuck in some gadget or another at home. We use gadgets for work and then, we sue gadgets for relaxation. Anjali asked if we could try an hour of gadget-free relaxation. 'Let's just gather somewhere and stay gadget-free. No rules.'
Gadget-free life!
It started with an hour after she finished school. We switched off our gadgets and gathered around. We spoke randomly, hummed, sang, shared experiences, joked about. The hour went by quite easily though I was guilty of watching the clock a couple of times.

The next time we did half an hour and it flew. And another, and now I cannot wait for these sessions to get started. Whether its the freedom from gadgets or just plain being with people and having a conversation without gadgets intruding I don't know, but it does feel very good to just be there without any agenda.

I am wondering why I never thought of doing something like this before. I do switch off my phone when I start any serious writing work but that's it. I never thought I'd use it when I was with people. From now on, gadget-free conversations as much as I can hen I meet others too.

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Abhinay Renny said...

wow. This is brilliant!