Friday, June 26, 2020

Anjali - Yasvantt's Meeting

Anjali's class has these debates going on. For the first debate, Anjali was the facilitator. I could see her contacting her teammates and organising their effort before school started. Their team was the underdog but they did a good job of it and held their own. They now have another debate and this time Yasvantt has been made the facilitator. I was doing my work in my room when Anjali came into the room with her laptop. Their group met on Zoom to discuss the strategy for the next debate which is in a few days and could not help overhearing the goings-on.

Yasvantt, always polite, earnest and fair, clear-headed and aware, spoke first. It went something like this - ok we have four days to prepare. These are the things we need to do - Power Point presentation, video, points to debate on. Who wants to volunteer to do the Power Point? Someone said yes. So who will do the video then, asked Yasvantt. There was some silence and no one volunteered. Anjali, you do the video, he said and assigned her the job. Ok, said Anjali. The rest of us have to make points of which we will debate. Sure, said everyone. He was obviously well prepared.

Ok, then you can leave, said Yasvantt. The whole thing took about four minutes, precise, clear, goal driven meeting. And very direct.

Are we meeting again tomorrow asked Anjali. Oh yes, said Yasvantt. We are meeting tomorrow. it will be longer than today because we will all come with our points and discuss them. You can leave now.

The meeting ended. Five minutes.

Haven't seen such a well-organized meeting with such clarity and no unnecessary frills. After seeing hundreds of rambling, pointless and inefficient meetings conducted in the corporate sector, I am thoroughly impressed by how well Yasvantt conducted this. Total economy of words, energy and effort. Brilliant leadership by Yasvantt and great teamwork by the others who stuck to the agenda without distracting themselves. Superb stuff.

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