Friday, June 12, 2020

Anjali - Stepping Out After 3 Months

It was perhaps on the 15th March that Anjali had last stepped out of home - because that was when schools had cancelled exams and children were asked to stay home. Since then, she has not stepped out of the gate of our house.
Tranquil life
Ever since the lockdown has been relaxed, several children in the colony take a walk, play or cycle every evening, but she has steadfastly remained home. Yesterday she finally told me she would like to go for a walk in the morning. So we decided to go at 7 am today.
Under the shower of gulmohurs
She was up and ready, dressed fully, with a scarf for the cold. For the first time, she wore a mask and found it rather funny and restricting. Anyway off we went - it was a first for me too - though I have been going for grocer visits I haven't gone for a morning walk like this.
The back entrance to the colony blocked off
Thanks to the light drizzle there was no one on the road. The weather was heavenly and we enjoyed walking and chatting. We noticed how the road that leads to BK Guda from our colony has been barricaded off for all traffic. we walked to the main road so she could get a sense of what was happening there.

Then we headed home after a brief stop at the grocer Srinivas, who has manfully handled the demands of the colony through these tough times. He was delighted to see Anjali after three months and said so. He'd always treat her well and had a thing or two to say to her - in English. We bought stuff and came away.

Anjali said she liked this walk the best among all the things she did today. I'm glad.

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Narayana Pillai said...

Yeah! This is the thing everyone want.
Now everyone would have understood How it is tough for the old members in our family to be at home always!!