Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thought for the Day - When Upset, Flood Yourself with Love

 When upset, first realise there is a lack of love.

Then, direct a lot of love energy at yourself. Until then we are looking at the world to love us and give us stuff that will make us feel better. But the best way really (and the most foolproof way because we do not know what others will do really) is to give ourselves the job of giving us love. Lots of love. Love that pampers us. Love that makes us feel good irrespective of others.

Then (as always) we realise that others are also being nice to us! Which does not matter anyway. By now, we are full of love, we are smiling and we do not need anyone else to make us feel better.

Some manifestations of loving yourself

A good sleep. A good hot bath. Feet soaked in warm water. Wearing our best clothes, Buying a new perfume. Bringing leisure into my life. Watching a program you always wanted to but never did. Hey, a love letter to yourself!

A gift. A nice meal. A drive. A walk. 

Expressions of love. Can easily be done.

One way of another, give yourself love. Lots of it.

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