Monday, July 25, 2022

Gharonda - Movie

 For years I have been humming songs like 'Do Deewane Sheher Mein..', 'Ek Akela Is Sheher mein...' and 'Tujhe ho na ho mujhko to...' depending on the mood. I knew this was a hit movie with Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab and I finally saw it in instalments. Just watching Bombay of the 1970s was so uplifting!

Two young, clerical employees in a small firm fall in love and decide to buy a small house. They raise money and pay an advance and get cheated - dashing all their dreams. The boss of the firm offers to marry the girl meanwhile because she reminds him of his dead wife. In a fit of frustration Amol Palekar tells Zarina  Wahab to marry the old boss. Zarina does that. Amol Palekar is heartbroken and is all set to leave the city that has broken his heart. In the last scene they meet at the  Railway Station and he asks her. 'Why did you leave me?

She says 'Tum toot gaye the.' You were broken.

He asks. 'If I was broken was it not your responsibility to support me?'

And he walks away, tearing off the train tickets vowing to rewrite his script again. Nice ending.  

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