Friday, July 8, 2022

Thought for the Day - Judgment Leads to Attachment (and to Pain)

 To get attached to something we must first judge it. We have to separate it and identify it, give it a name and a role and make it different. Then once it has a name - whether a person, or a car, or a pen- we will soon get attached to it because it will start taking on a life of its own - in our mind.

But if can stop judging and naming and calling it out and stuff, there's nothing to get attached to. Life is simpler and easier. Simply because it is easy to let go. And when it is easy to let go, it is easy to be light hearted, to be in the present, to enjoy it in its entirety- minus unnecessary drama.

Stop judgment. Stop separation. Stop naming. Stop attaching.

You're sorted. For life. 

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