Thursday, July 14, 2022

Karan Bajaj Walks the 800 km Carmino de Santiago

 I first met Karan when he came to Hyderabad to launch his first book 'Keep off the grass' just a couple of years after graduating from IIM'B. He was extremely polite and nice and we spoke for a while at the launch at Crossword, Banjara Hills. We kept in touch as he wrote more books. moved to the US, got into high profile corporate jobs, promoted White Hat Junior and sold it off. Through it all he remains the same - I get the sense from his writing. Also, I loved the fact that he made it a point to come and attend my small book event in Mumbai when we launched 'This Way is Easier Dad' - he was  a big shot executive in Discovery Asia if I remember - but he came all alone just to 'encourage me' he said. (He was one of the few who would ask me with concern - but writing does not pay you enough - how do you get by?). I did ask him to join us for a drink and dinner but he refused and walked away - having given me one more reason to stay on my path.

Now when i see his post on his walk I am reminded of a book he had written if I remember right - Seeker. That he is. And a bit of a guru as well.

More on his blog. And Karan, well done man. Read all about his walk here.

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Abhinay Renny said...

This is inspiring sir. Thanks for sharing it here