Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Thought for the Day - Empty Yourself of Attachment and Judgment

One wonders what makes life a bot heavy at times and we say 'let go'. Let go of what? Empty your heart of what?

Pic Satish Nargundkar

I think we must empty our heart of attachment and judgment. I guess judgment comes first because all problems begin when we start start judging - separating - by giving a label. If we don't name it, then we cannot call it. Once we name it we need to attach a story to it.

And thus begins attachment - to the story. We are either for it or against it. But we are attached and it gets built into something bigger and bigger and starts to drag us down (we are attached to it you see!)

Like a huge anchor it drags us down and down and it gets bigger and bigger. It could very well drown us. 

So before we drown or get anywhere near that - cut off judgment from your life, and then, attachment. 

Easier said than done you'd say - after all they're words - attachment and judgment. How to drop them?

Ok then. Let's go deeper. 

Who is judging and who gets attached? I guess the mind. The one they say is insecure, the one who is fearful. The one who needs attention and cannot do without. The one who fears any real good so much that he causes pain to himself to draw attention. He does not trust himself to have a good time!

So the mind my friend - does not like a good time. He wants drama from where he can slip into victim mode easily.

So anyway Mr Mind judges. Everything is good or bad or something. Then he gets attached. Then he can feel pain. And he has achieved his goal of drawing attention to himself, feeling the victim.

But actually none of this is TRUE. Its drama. Like a play. Feel good, feel bad, feel hurt, feel upset. Poor Insecure Mr Mind doe snot know any better.

So the best thing to do is call out the Mind - call out the Impostor and say 'hey dude, enough of this drama. Chill, nothing earth shaking happened. You stabbed yourself - no one stabbed you.'

When we can see the Mind trying to get attention like a child throwing a tantrum, you can do three things - 1) distract it 2) give in 3) discipline it.

If you give in, your child will turn out into an ill behaved monster. So do not give in how much ever it screams. It behaves like an addict almost.

If you distract it, you can still get it off the tantrum which is good. Do something to get it off those addictive urges when it wants to do something stupid.

You can discipline it. That's the best way. Don't fall into the trap. Cut the route down the slippery slope at the beginning itself. 


The moment you feel pain, realise its the mind at work. The drama has begun. You need to quickly cut it out. Every thought from now will start dragging you down. Cut the thoughts and replace them with other thoughts.

Which is where Louise Hay is brilliant. I remember my first workshop where our facilitator Sailaja explained - you cannot have two thoughts at the same time.It's your thoughts that are creating your reality. If your Mind is building story upon story, cut those thoughts with affirmations.

The mother of all affirmations is - I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

Repeat it like a mantra. The spiraling thoughts cannot continue on one hand. And the mantra will have its own positive effect. In some time Mr Mind is cool.

After a few times, he is disciplined. Quiet. Peace. Love.            

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