Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A School Reunion

 Azhar and Afroze were in town and the group galvanised into action. The venue was Nizam Club. The day Sunday. I went early as usual. I found Charles (has his own business of some sanitary fittings) and Archie (now in real estate but with yatra for long) waiting. Muneem (jeweller and precious stone merchant who is passionate about stones) was the host.

Slowly but surely everyone trickled in. Arif (optician), Joel (man of many hats), Shashidhar (IBM), Suresh(insurance), Raghu (real estate), Nayeem (English Prof), Ashok (business - jewels and farms), Sanjay Saxena (advertising), Nirmal Bagga (wines), Satpal Singh (textile), Ammar (finance, education), Afroze (telecom, US), Azhar (KSA), Vinay Gopal (Pest Control). Farrukh Ali Khan (Interiors), Ehtesham (cricket administration and business), Baig, Mohammed Ali, Mirza, Shyam, Ram (leather goods business), Maqbool (KSA and retired), Farees, Viquar (KSA and retired), Haji. I think I got them all. 

Was fun catching up. I did not recall some and caught up with those I did not know.

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