Sunday, July 10, 2022

And I Found My Missing Package - No Thanks to Amazon

 So I ordered a book on Amazon. The Amazon delivery boy called me when I was out and said the house was locked and could he leave it in the letter box. I was pretty sure someone would be home but since he was very clear that it was exactly the same plot and he described the letter box, I told him to leave it in the letter box. 

Pic Satish

I come home and there's no book.

My efforts to get Amazon's attention were exactly the same as me getting attention from any amazon - zilch. I have no way to contact them, this delivery boy and all I know is he has delivered it somewhere. I checked with neighbours and found nothing. I resigned myself to buying a new book.

As one last shot I decided to do some detective work on my own. Quite likely the lad delivered but where? I went to the adjacent colony which also has a plot with the same number  and I realised it was locked - and it had a letter box. I tried to peep in and found that though the box was open, I could see nothing in it. I checked with the neighbouring establishment - a diagnostic centre and he said no one stays there and its generally locked. Once in a while someone comes and maybe I could drop by and check.

So I went this morning and it was locked and I tried to look into the letter box and found something there - I could not reach it. A stick and some poking around and I could push it out far enough to get my hands on it. Wet, and in poor shape but thanks to the packing still fine. It was my package. If I had not salvaged it when I did today, thanks to the rains, it would have disintegrated over a period of time. Just perfect timing. 

I checked my name, grabbed it and went home happy with my detective work. All's well and that ends well. 

As for Amazon, pull up your socks guys. You just cannot dump packages in the neghbouring colony just because it has the same number and buzz off.    

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