Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Thought for the Day - To be Happy, Be Mischievous

 It is a fact. The serious can never be happy.

It is the mischievous who are always happy.


Because they have no rules. The serious people have a lot of rules. Once rules come there are expectations. Then there are long faces.

The mischievous have no rules. They live to break rules, to live their own way, their way. They are not attached to anything - form or name or structure or rule. Which is what makes them glorious. Unpredictable.

The serious on the other hand cannot function without structure, rules, form or name. They are always looking to see which rule is being broken so they can get serious. 

They are boring.

Mischievous is fun. Mischievous is free. Liberated. Honest.  

Kill Mr Serious. Support Mischievous.

Screw structure. :)

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