Friday, July 1, 2022

Thought for the Day - Beneath Non-Judgment Is Laughter

Laughter lies under non-judgment. Judgment makes things hard. Judgment makes things different. Judgment takes sides and makes one right and the other wrong.

When there's no judgment it's easy to laugh. That's so because there is nothing to get serious about. Everything is the same and any perceived difference is something to laugh about. There's nothing really to fight for, fight against. Life's simple.


Judgment also causes us to get attached to one thing. This is precious. This is what I love, who I love, who I hate etc. It's not easy to laugh at such things because we are too attached to them. It helps to step back and to be less intense about things.

Whenever things get too heavy, gets difficult to laugh, look at what you are attached to. Don't call it anything. Remove all labels. Stop judging. Stop setting expectations. Things are easy then. It is easy to laugh. At things. At yourself.

Non-judgment. Non-attachment. Laughter.

It's been one of my passions to be able to laugh a lot more. I realise that I need to crack the first two.

Any thoughts?    

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