Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Thought for the Day - How to Catch an Expectation

I have been pondering over the relationship between expectation and laughter. Why am I not able to laugh was the question? That thought led to this.

What's proved is that expectations lead to disappointments. And we build expectations primarily to make things seem special - only for you, only you, only us kind of stuff. So to get out of expectations is one way to save ourselves some pain. Unnecessary pain, I may add, because we have enough to do in our lives apart from sitting there waiting.

Awareness that we have expectations helps. Which brings us to the all important point of - how do I know I am in expectation? 

It's pretty simple. We cannot laugh easily when we are in a state of expectation. We can only laugh when we have no expectations.Which is why it is easier to laugh with strangers than to laugh at home.

My method to catch an expectation and then to work on it would be to check if I am able to laugh easily. If I am not able  to, I can check where I am holding an expectation. Once I identify the expectation, I can drop it, or do something about it. It will save me time, energy and pain.

And also bring more laughter into my life which I suspect is a good thing.  

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