Monday, April 15, 2013

Thought For The Day - Are You Seizing Control Or Waiting To Be Controlled

Think about it. The world is divided into two types. The ones who seize control and get on with life. The others who are waiting to be controlled and always looking around.

I'd say (at this point) that it is better to try to be one of those who seizes control. Now that commits you into dealing with things as they come up and sorting them out. It's more action oriented, more unpredictable, more fun and certainly a hell of a lot more exciting. I'd guess it also pays off better.

The second type are the ones looking to be controlled. It could be anywhere but it's their tendency to leave control to whoever - God, Dad, spouse - and be the hapless victim. This looks like a no win situation where you have little or no control over your life, are always dependent on someone else for things to change in your life. It could make you perpetually melancholic and resentful. The dull and boring life is predicted for this types not to mention an unrewarding life.

Seizing control is associated with risk and confrontation. It's not. It's about taking responsibility for yourself. Actually not seizing control will lead to more confrontation and risk because people will walk on you easily then.

Seizing control is just a state of mind. Of being free. Of knowing all options are available. Of flowing the way you want. It is a matter of backing yourself. And not waiting for someone else to guide, shape and control you.

I suspect that those who believe fully in god also understand this in a way. God requires complete surrender to life force. And complete surrender to life force is another form of seizing control and not being dependent on another person's likes, dislikes, approvals, disapprovals. Don't look around - listen to yourself. Just do as the free spirit wills you to intuitively. Leave the rest to whatever you believe in.

Go ahead. Feel it in your head. Take control. Do the first thing that comes to your mind by yourself. Seize control. You're free.

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