Friday, April 12, 2013

Nice Article - 6 Keys To Being Awesome At Everything You Do

Here's a nice article to being awesome at everything you do by Tony Schwartz for the Energy project.

A Chopped Off Tree Trunk On The Footpath

In a nutshell the six keys are:

  • Pursuing what you love
  • Doing the hardest thing first
  • Practicing intensely  (for periods of at least 90 minutes)
  • Seeking expert feedback intermittently (simple and precise feedback)
  • Taking regular renewal breaks (rejuvenate, relax and make space to create)
  • Ritualizing practice (no escape)

You can view the entire article at this link.

Thanks Ram for sharing.


Rajendra said...

The book about Ferraris and monks has similar bottom-line fundas, I think.

Harimohan said...

Yes. It's the same formula that is too difficult to practice. Specially when we have devoted a lifetime to being awesome at nothing we do.