Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anjali - I Will Not Give Up

There is something that happens when we decide upon certain things. It is that thought that helps us rise over the mundane and be what we were meant to be.

Faced with the daunting prospect of climbing up the rather steep and stark granite steps that lead up to the top of the Golconda Fort I was pretty much geared up for some carrying her up at some point. But halfway up he hill, some warrior spirit awakened within her and she said, her face resolute - "I will not give up. I will climb all the way to the top."

Alright, here goes
One look at her face and I knew that she would climb it all the way up by herself, that's how determined she was. And climb she did and in good humour, cracking a few jokes here and there. Once when she was about to complain in a moment of weakness, she caught herself and reminded herself and me - "I will not give up". She climbed the entire distance, enjoyed herself and was proud of her achievement.
I will not give up

On the way down she complained a bit, but then she decided that she will get off the hill and that I must carry her when we get to the flat area. I said it was fine by me and she climbed down the steps.
That resolute look - I did it

It is that thought, that decision that we take, which is the critical, the creative part of our lives. All champions talk of that moment when they decided that they would not give up, that they would rather die than give up - and only after that decision has been made do they achieve those big goals they set for themselves. It is a decision that interests me no end because all of us have the capability to take that decision as often as we can, in all things that matter to us most, so we can achieve big and bigger things, be more creative, feel more free and express ourselves. And it is such decisions that make up those moments when life stands tall, at its best and noblest.

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