Monday, April 1, 2013

Anjali graduates from Daksha Pre-School

I was not aware that there were graduation ceremonies when one graduates from pre-school to regular school. So I was pretty surprised when I was told of this graduation ceremony for five year olds and was curious to know what it was like. Of course I never attended any, and missed the one where Shobhs got a gold medal during our MBA, so I had no clue what to expect.

We landed up first
The certificates
As usual we turned up first and got the first seats. After some mike checking etc, Anita spoke to us about the graduation ceremony, what the children went through and what to expect.
Anita's welcome speech
Caught Anjali's eye
Prabhu sir singing away
Children praying away
There was some song and dance with Prabhu sir pitching in lustily and the children singing and dancing.
Nirmala madam and the PPII teachers - Kamakshi aunty, Kalyani aunty, Vasudha aunty, Ishmath aunty
Harsh after receiving his certificate
Then they went off to wear their graduation robes and came up on stage and spoke a few lines about themselves, their school and what they like etc before they were given their certificates from Ms. Nirmala. 

Anjali speaking about her experiences in PPII
Anjali heading off after receiving her certificate
Manasi receiving her certificate
One last song for PPII and off we go!
Good fun and as usual well done Daksha.

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Rajendra said...

It looks more elaborate than the IMT convo!