Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anjali - But They Are Digging For Us Only Na

I was steering the car through a narrow lane and discovered that the road had been dug up. I made the familiar faces and familiar sounds - of being totally disgusted with the unplanned system, of how inefficient the world was in general and all that - which somehow makes me feel like a better man. These reactions are so ingrained in my system that I don't think I can react any other way.

But Anjali was along with me in the car and she chose to see it all differently.

'But they are digging for us only na nanna,' she piped up.

Yes. That's true. Why don't we get it. That every time some work is happening it is for us only. Whether it is a pipeline, a road, a metro line being laid, roads being widened or whatever. Then why do we crib so much about everything. Why do we want these things to happen overnight and our lives go on without a bump, a blip. Why don't we understand that most things in our world are actually happening for us and not against us?

Life would be a lot simpler then wouldn't it.

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