Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chashme Baddoor - Movie Review

Glad I saw this one. It's really funny and worth the money. After the initial apprehensions for all of us who are still hung over the brilliant original of 1981, the new Chashme Baddoor takes off into its own and keeps you fully entertained. Full marks to David Dhawan for pulling it off and well.

Sid (Ali Zafar), Omi (Divyendu Sharma) and Jai (Siddharth) are studying in Goa. Sid is the studious and steady one, the romantic, while the other two are always getting into trouble. Omi and Jai the two rogues spot Seema (Taapsee) and chase her as they do any girl they see - Jai with his filmy dialogues and Omi with his sher ahayiri. Their tacky overtures do not succeed but they come back with lies about how they seduced the girl easily. But when Sid falls in love with her they realise that they had better do something to break up the budding romance before Sid comes to know of the truth. They paint her as a fast girl and a man eater who has no feelings for anyone. After several misunderstandings which are more or less in line with the original but with a humour that is distinctly its own, the film climaxes and ends on a happy note. Nice twist with the Ms. Chamko scene too.

The modifications that David Dhawan made, work nicely. The casting is perfect, the entire movie works and runs like its fully greased, songs and all. Jokes and PJs fly fast and furious and this is one movie you could enjoy watching more than once. Would I? You bet, and soon. I am sure there are many jokes I did not get the first time around. Divyendu Sharma is simply superb and reminds you of both Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani rolled into one at times, Ali Zafar fits the job perfectly and handles Farooq Shaikh's original role with elan (Amol Palekar joke on him by Anupam Kher is nice) and Siddharth does a good job in his own style. Taapsee was a revelation and Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor (Uncle Joseph Futardo of the Nostalgia shack is a new avatar of Saeed Jaffrey's Lalan miyan) and add lots more fun. I simply loved the 'Dhichkyan doom doom' number and it has zoomed to the top of my charts right now. Go watch.

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Rajendra said...

I thought Tapsee was cute in the promos. On my (non-bucket) list now, to watch the film.