Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy - Movie Review

Woody Allen again. This is a 1982 film starring Woody Allen as Andrew an inventor who lives in the countryside with his wife Adrian. The period is sometime in early 1900s when Andrew was still trying to figure out how to fly using a contraption with rotors that flies on pedal power. Not important. What's important is that he discovers that he and Adrian have no sex life left between them.

Enter Adrian's cousin Leopold a man of letters and a well known academic with his young and attractive fiance Ariel (Mia Farrow). The third couple is Maxwell, a doctor who lusts after all the women he meets with his rather attractive, dumb sounding but really smart nurse. Now Woody has known Ariel when they were young but nothing much happened - or so he claims to Adrian. Maxwell the lusty instantly takes a liking for Ariel and tries to dissuade her from marrying the older Leopold - and marry him instead. The philosopher is now lusting after the nurse. Sometime in all this confusion Maxwell confesses to having an affair with Adrian. While everyone is running around the countryside after one or another the old Professor makes wild love to the nurse and kicks the bucket in a moment of high ecstasy. He conveys to the gathering through another contraption of Andrew's, a spirit box, that he is most happy to leave in that ecstatic state.

I get the feeling that I missed something. Maybe knowing te original better might have helped but I remember almost nothing of it. But on it's own - not one of his best.

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