Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Note On Trust - Applicable to Leadership

I found this note on trust in my papers and I could never throw it away. It seems pretty comprehensive and most of it is applicable to a good leader. After all much of leadership depends on the trust that the captain can demand of his team.

Take the four elements of trust - Reliability, Acceptance, Openness and Congruence. Apply them to your relationships.

Three out of four is not enough. All four are necessary to build lasting, ongoing relationships. It often takes time to build trust. Unfortunately, it takes only an instant to destroy it.

  • Taking action
  • Keeping promises
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Being on time
  • Following up
  • Delivering
  • Respecting another's point of view
  • Being empathetic
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Listening
  • Allowing mistakes
  • Accepting limitations
  • Trying not to change other people

  • Obligation to dissent
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Being willing to hear what others have to say
  • Being honest about limitations
  • Being straightforward
  • Telling people how you feel; what you think and believe
  • Having no hidden agendas
  • Talking straight
  • Not playing games
  • Being sincere
  • Setting boundaries
  • Making rules clear
  • Walking the talk
  • Not being too kind
I thank whoever wrote this and acknowledge the anonymous source. As of now the source remains anonymous to me (I am unable to trace the source as I only have one scrap of paper with me) and am sharing it because I think it is knowledge that might be of great help.

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