Saturday, April 6, 2013

IPL 6 - Well Done Sun Risers Hyderabad

Despite all the taunts and the doubts and jibes and barbs the Sun Risers had the last laugh. There was one moment in the commentary in the break when the anchor asked where the game was headed. There was no focussed answer from he experts but I caught myself thinking that if I were part of the Sun Risers my strategy would be to take it 5 overs at a time. Contain the opposition to less than 20 in the first 5 and hopefully a couple of wickets, another 20-25 in the next 5 and a couple of wickets - and then we have the run rate climbing up. Then we take our chances.

And that is exactly what Sun Risers did so well. They utilised their strengths superbly - their bowling. They got great opening spells from Steyn and Ishant and followed it up by some wonderful bowling by Amit Mishra who is as competitive as one can get in the middle overs. Save the few overs when he did not keep a slip up front, Sangakarra's captaincy was spot on and I am impressed with the new version of his captaincy. he has learnt from last year and is vastly sharper and quicker to react. I loved the way he got Steyn to push up the rate, used Ashish at exactly the right time and used Steyn again in the 19th and not waiting for the 20th like most would have. Strangle the life out of the opposition when you can. No point waiting for later - it may never come if the game gets over in the 19th. Well done Sangakarra and team.

Having said that, the Sun Risers look a bit short on the batting. But that's a great opportunity for the local lads and I hope they grab this wonderful opportunity and the big stage and show that they are as good as any in the business. Would be one heartwarming story to see this young team do well.

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