Monday, January 2, 2023

A Good Beginning - My First Book Review in the Deccan Chronicle

 I haven't reviewed books much except in that perfunctory manner in which I do it on my blogs so when Krishna introduced me to Sucheta Dasgupta from Deccan Chronicle who wanted someone to review this wonderful book 'Unveiling Jazbaa' by Aayush Puthran I said Yes. One, because Krishna is someone who I can never say No to because there is always a very good reason why he connects someone. and two, because the book sounded so interesting. After the wonderful 'The Fire Burns Blue', a history of women's cricket in India by Karunya Keshav and my young friend who left us all too early, Sidhanta Patnaik, I could not wait to read about how women cricketers from the sub continent have faced their conditioning, societal challenges and still made it. Unveiling Jazbaa does not disappoint and in fact packs in a lot more than one expects.

Here's the link to the review in Deccan Chronicle that appeared on January 1, 2023. Happy New Year.

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