Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Hyderabad Lit Fest - in Books

 I don't buy too many books at the festival but this time we (Anjali and I) together outdid our previous record. Got some signed as well by authors - those we could catch that is. Was pleasantly surprised to see my books '50 Not Out' and 'This way is easier dad' at the stall. Abhinay picked up two copies of 50 NO for his friends so I felt like I also belonged to the tribe of writers for a while.

Here's the loot!

And - 50 NO!

I missed on talking to Mani Rao with whom I felt I should have spent more time after I checked her book out. In fact with many more people. Next time - read the brochure, profiles well and then plan the day -that's the plan.

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