Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Coaching Stories 3 - What to Do When Team Members Compare With Other Companies

 It's a common question. The other company pays better, has more perks, less work and so on. So why work here?

Don't need to work here. Better work there.

Coaching Principle

The team must be connected to what the company is doing, what it wants to achieve and must believe in that. The members must be fully involved in the team's progress, in achieving something as a team, to want to be part of a winning team. When the boss and the leadership team is clear about the greater narrative they can convince and enrol younger members about it. If they are not convinced, they do not fit into the team.


The idea is that the boss had better be clear what this company offers. What's the company's belief, purpose, what they plan to achieve and how, what are the gains for the team members if they do achieve it. If the team member believes in the team and its goals and ideas, she can stay with whatever the team offers (she can always try to improve on things by giving suggestions instead of merely comparing and threatening to leave). If the person does not believe in the company's vision and values then she should reconsider staying at the company.

The first thing is to clearly explain the company's purpose to the team member and try to convince her of the great journey or enterprise one is on. If the idea is sold and she believes in the enterprise, welcome aboard. If not, too bad.

You will always find someone who believes in what you believe. And they will work for the purpose, not the salary. 

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