Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Leadership Workshop at Backflipt - January 10, 2023

 The leadership team (one part) got together for a leadership workshop 'Scripting the Blockbuster Backflipt Story'. Ram, Rao, Vijay, Vamsi, Sudhir, Hitesh, Neha and Ashfaq participated - Ram and Rao overseeing mostly and participating when needed. I had Sagar help me and we thought of some way to make it into a script. The workshop started at 10 am and went on till 630 pm.

The objective of the workshop was to have the leadership team figure out how to make their story a success.  And alongside, learn the basics of leadership.

There were five parts to the workshop.

1) Getting to know the team well

Taking off from the Timpson's test, we tried to know each other better by answering the Timpson's test questions and then sharing stuff about ourselves and our lives - stuff we fear the most, love the most, movies, books and such. The idea is that when we know our people well enough, we have a team.

I had them practice the 3As - Acknowledge, Appreciate, Ask for help

2) The Why

Taking off from Simon Sinek's 'Start with why' we started with why. 'What's the common purpose of the team?'

We did end up somewhere taking off from - building great products to...

It's work-in-progress but we all needed a common goal to aim at.

Ram shared some powerful 'why' stories from his past.

3) The How

Values - Behavior: 

We looked at winning behaviors and identified four - ownership, learning mindset, being bold and team work. Now we are looking at finding appropriate stories that match behavior to those values.

10 x Results

We played a ball game and figured how to crack 10x. The idea was that if we start with a big target we break the mould and devise new ways to achieve the same. 

4) The What 

10 x Goals - 3 Horizons

Back in the conference hall we looked at 10x goals to go for in three time horizons - 3 months, 1 month and 1 sprint. It was a powerful session.

5) The Who - People Management

We decided to practice the 3As to improve people relations and make people feel valued, that they belong, that they are in control and that they feel safe. 

We discussed concepts like psychological safety, feedback management, communication and did some exercises. It was a tiring yet fulfilling day for all of us. I am excited to be with this team and am sure we can achieve what we set out to  do - hone the winning mindset so we win.       


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