Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Coaching Stories 4 - We Haven't Achieved Yet, How Can We Now?

 A doubt - we really haven't achieved anything yet in ten years? How can we achieve anything now?

Coaching Principle

If you continue to do what you did in the past, you will get the same results. If you want different results, change things.


It's because you never asked yourself basic questions like why we are here, how can we achieve what we want, how do we get the best out of our resources. You have been operating without any synergy that a team normally has, the cutting edge any winning team has.

Now you are asking yourselves these questions - and making some changes. Now you still have a chance to create something great by asking yourself these questions and adapting to a common vision, taking more ownership for your own life, career.

You have no one else to blame but yourself. 

You are in the play still, so do it now. It's in your hands. Just like it always was. Only thing - you have to own it.

Things will change. 

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