Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thoughts for the Day

 Flow equals trust. Trust equals sharing.

Take time out of the equation. Let time expand and contract with the experience.

We manipulate ourselves and others with feelings.

Take the best of people - don't overthink.

We withhold love from ourselves when we want to hurt ourselves. 

When we hurt, we can flood ourselves with our love.

Judgment is not love.

Living is giving.

No one is indifferent - it is only us withholding love from them.

Waiting (from giving love) is like wanting to do things when they do not want it.

The difference between what you do for them and for yourself decides how easily hurt you can be.

We fight illusory battles all the time.

To be good is to be useful.

We resent nobody but ourselves. We are angry at nobody else but ourselves.

As long as we look at others for help, we are the victims. When we look to help them, we are the provider.

Get so deeply involved in life that there is no time to think,

My connection to flow (and life) is my breath.

Luxury is time. Stretch time and you're living luxuriously.

Seriousness comes from wanting to achieve. Laughter comes when there's nothing to achieve.

Laughter is a sign of non-attachment.

Mindfulness - its the portal that connects in and out.

To be in flow, to be present - be open to everything.

When there's no separation between you and what you're doing, you're one with the universe.

Stop controlling the process. Enjoy life but don't get attached to enjoyment.

Remove name and form from all discussions.

Hard practice is not practice. Ease. Allow. Be.

We're not doing anyone any favours by suffering.

Suffering is a stupid idea- no one benefits.

To be happy, be mischievous.

Life is fun if we see it in the right context.   

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