Sunday, January 8, 2023

Tiny Noticeable Things - How to Change a Working Culture

 I had read this book by Damian Hughes about 'The Winning Mindset' and one of the things he discusses is the Timpson's questionnaire about how well managers know their team members and how customers. Some of the questions a good manager should be able to answer about a team member are:

Age (5) 
Address (5)
Partner’s name (10)
Children’s name/age/school (20)
Last holiday (10)
Next holiday (5)
Main hobbies (10)
Partner’s hobbies (5)
Career history (10)
health record (5)
Make of car (5)
Parent’s names (5)

Score as above and if the score is less than 70, go back and get to know them better. Here's a small article by on this. The story of is equally interesting!

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