Monday, January 16, 2023

Kuttey - Movie

 Directed by Aasmaan Bharadwaj, 'Kuttey' has a lot of influence of 'Kaminey' far as the bad worlds go. Only here we have three stray gangs fighting for loot from a van carrying 4 crore cash. It's slick but in retrospect does not warrant the risk involved for a mere 4 crore.

What's at stake? For one party - the main one - just money one would think (that's Arjun Kapoor) who somehow kills about 20 people and still gets to get away and keep the loot. So who said the world is fair? But I don't want to see this guy coming out smelling of roses either. I wonder what kind of a cop would on be if all the time he was killing people, making off with drugs, making money heists by bumping off security guards, his own cops. And then comes another cop who assists him and another cop who is sleeping with the Commissioner and helps bump off another bunch of people.

The frog and scorpion story was told much better by Shefali Chhaya in 'Darlings' (in fact she would have killed Tabu's role - I found Tabu distinctly unconvincing when she says maa ki aankh). All in all a zero sum game and one goes home thinking of how well Modi ji ended corruption but we all know what happened to those who had tons of cash during demonetisation - someone else became richer that's all but this one did not get poorer.

Slickness and a penchant for cop-chor stories works well for Aasmaan. But the story itself - unconvincing and not something that needed to be told. I am not rooting for anyone least of all this protagonist. I'd have been quite happy to see them all dead.    

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