Monday, January 16, 2023

Glass Onion - Movie

 The 'Knives Out Mystery' with master detective Benoit Blanc fails to impress after an elaborate beginning where a bunch of geniuses crack a puzzle to get an invitation to an island owned by their billionaire friend. Also invited is someone who has been cheated by the billionaire - it was her idea that made him a fortune and he cut her out. Also invited is Benoit Blanc.

All land up on the island and we are still highly impressed by the tech and the power games until we find that it quickly degenerates into an old Agatha Christie movie with nothing of her newness. We know who did what, we know what the others did, we know everything because Blanc and the victim talk to each other everywhere without being spied upon in this tech heavy place and all one has to do to get information is stroll around and people are talking about exactly what you want them to talk to. And of course what they are looking for is kept on a drawing table so one can see. 'You see,' says the sagacious Blanc. 'It is in plain sight'. And he also says something equally wise 'It is dumb.' And we have one murder, no two, for all this. And there's Mona Lisa too, overseeing the nonsense.

Blanc does nothing except go on rambling in the end. He makes the other woman do all the work, almost gets her killed and then loses it. Ethan Hawke walks in and out and says 'don't mind me' a couple of times and that was hilarious (just joking, it was not). These are times when we have to tell explicitly because people don't get it otherwise.

Anyway, thanks for nothing fellows. Poor, poor tale. 

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