Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Clear Your Money Blocks - Workshop by Audrey Vaidya

 I attended this impromptu workshop by Audrey (we knew her from way back then - 15 years ago when we all started out on the journey inward). Audrey has since done many courses and is a qualified coach and facilitator. She did this three hour workshop for us on her recent visit.

Audrey in class

Money beliefs are pre-programmed she said. It is nothing but energy. So treat it as that and nothing more.

The five kinds of money we should be aware of are - Savings, Debt, Income, Income goals, Toxic money.

Then we looked at each one - how much do we have, how does it make us feel, what are the thoughts that come when I think about it, what is my history and my parents history with it, what are my beliefs about money (and what s my reality).


We set income goals at a level which is achievable, looked at how we felt inside about actually achieving it.

Then she taught us a 'tapping' process on how it would help us stay focussed and how we can create the money.

I was very impressed with the way Audrey handled the workshop - with great control, patience, humour. She listened to everyone, offered solutions and ideas, was very clear on her basic principles, shared her own story as well.

Thanks Audrey.   

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