Monday, January 23, 2023

Two Grand Moments with Vinod!

 For a long time Vinod and me planned to go to Grand Kakatiya for our coffee and bajji routine which we normally do in Minerva Coffee Shop. Finally, after years of planning we decided and went to the Grand Kakatiya a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed a fine coffee (Minerva's is better) and some bajjis (again, no great shakes). But the restaurant was quiet, there was no one else around and we sat and chatted for a long time. The bill was three times the Minerva one but we ticked off the item off from the list. Interestingly we saw the Saurashtra Ranji team in the hotel - these days Ranji Trophy players get such luxuries - a far cry from the hotels we stayed in those days.

Then yesterday, after the second hand boom shopping by Anjali we dropped in at Grand Hotel at Abids for some nice Irani chai and enjoyed it too. Anjali ate some cup cakes and seemed to like them as well!


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Rajendra said...

Good to hear her book-shopping sprees are on. I was telling a colleague to go to Bangalore for shopping with her son, who's a book lover.